Github Anonymously? How's it work?

Upload Bundle to Gitmask

All you have to do is create a git bundle and upload it to Gitmask. If you've bundled your changes to bitcoin/bitcoin all you need to do is:

curl -L -X PUT --upload-file commits.bundle

Anonymize your code

Once you push your code to Gitmask we strip out and replace embedded identification info from your commits: author names, email and timestamps.

Github Pull Request

A pull request is automatically made to the upstream Github repository with your changes, but now the originating IP is Gitmask, and the author is our anonymous Gitmask user account.

Ok. But Why?

Gitmask lets you hide the true origin of code, which can be useful for a variety of reasons.


Github's tagline is social coding. Unfortunately that means that every commit you ever make is visible to everyone. Every commit.

Controversial projects

Just because you think DICSS is amusing, doesn't mean you want your boss to know about it. How about your SO?


Adding a new git remote is much easier than setting up another GitHub account and remembering to use that secondary SSH key.


Bitcoin is fairly mainstream now, but its inventor is still a mystery. Sometimes it's better to let the code speak for itself.

Trust me, I'm a developer

My name is Jason, I'm an avid open source developer. I love Github, and I love open source, but on more than one occasion I've wished that I could hide a commit from my public timeline.

I finally decided to sit down and figure out what it would take to make that happen, and Gitmask is the result. Obviously it's open source, with an MIT license.

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